We aim to provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn the game of soccer with enthusiasm and joy in positive learning

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BOSTON VIGOR FC USA ACADEMY is a youth soccer club focusing on the long-term development of young athletes from 4 to 17 years old.

Through comprehensive training sessions and games, athletes learn to master various soccer skills and gain deep understanding of the game but foremost find a passion and love for soccer.

Become a part of our team and be like your favorite soccer stars!


Wilson Teixeira

Being a football coach is leading a team in all its activities, routines and competitions.

The trainer is the one who sets the schedule and gives the workouts (as the name says) throughout the week.

Already at the time of the matches, he is the one who chooses who will play, defines the tactical scheme of the team and the substitutions throughout the games.

This is all in addition to monitoring and studying the characteristics of all opponents.

The coach needs to manage the group and lead each athlete, taking into account their personal characteristics and ensuring that everyone is united, committed and focused on the team’s goals.

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Mission Statement

We aim to provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn the game of soccerwith enthusiasm and joy in a positive learning environment which promotes a healthy competition, good sportsmanship and leadership skills.

The development of athletes into versatile, passionate and skillful soccer players is a cornerstone for us as well as providing a strong tactical foundation to compete on the highest level.